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ADT14 Data Sheet
IN4001 OR EQUIVALENT. NC = NO CONNECT. ADT14. Figure 18a. Reed Relay Drive ... AD654 data sheet. An AD650 frequency-to-voltage converter ...

KA2142C Vertical Deflection Output Circuit
IN4001. 150n. Output. D.Y. 3.9K ... IN4001. +. 0.01µ. 1000µF. 220µF. 35V. 470pF. KA2142C. Page 9. KA2142C. 9. Mechanical Dimensions. Package ...

... NOR THE RIGHTS OF OTHERS. Page 11. . . Datasheets for electronics components.

IN4001. 47µF. +. -. -13.5V. IN4001. 1kHz - 250kHz ... . ...

LM317, NCV317 1.5 A Adjustable Output, Positive Voltage Regulator
dimensions section on page 10 of this data sheet. ORDERING INFORMATION. See general marking information in the device marking ...

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9V Battery ADF4360 EVAL-ADF4360-xEB1 RF OUT B REF IN RF OUT A V ...
Please consult the part datasheet for more. information. ... ADF4360-8 datasheet. Be carfeul to note that the charge ... IN4001. D035. FEC 365-117 ...

IN4001. IN4001. 240. D. 5. 1N4001. +. 1.0 µF. Tantalum. 1.0K. Current. Limit. Adjust. Q. 1. 2N3822. 5.0 k. Adjust 2. Voltage. Adjust ...

Programming Circuits for AT17FA Series Configurators with Altera FPGAs
Device 1 and set to low for Series Device 2. 2. Use of the READY pin is optional. 3. Refer to the device-specific datasheet. 4. IN4001 or equivalent. ...

EE 321 Lab 6
Construct the double diode limiter (shown in Figure 2) using IN4001 diodes. Describe the ... Fig 11 of the datasheet. The 4.3 V zener has 4.3 V at 20 mA). ...

FPGA Configurator Programming Kit (Enhanced) ATDH2200E
AT17 Series datasheet. •. Programming Specification for Atmel’s FPGA ... AT17A Series datasheet. Adapters Available for the. ATDH2200E ... IN4001 ... - free semiconductor datasheet catalog and search engine

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