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System Timing Controller Advanced MOS/LSI

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CTS9513-2 F A E F S AM9513 F CTS9513 OVERVIEW O P
Devices AM9513 Counter Timer. Until discontinued in ... This data sheet describes specifications for a device. under development. ...

Devices AM9513 Counter Timer. Until discontinued in. 1995 the AM9513 was a leading device in industrial. and scientific timing controllers. ... 1-800-831-4242
The principal limitation of the AM9513 was its maxi- ... This data sheet describes specifications for a device. under development. ...

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NB-DMA2800 User Manual
Appendix C, AMD Data Sheet, contains the manufacturer data sheet for the Am9513A/Am9513. System Timing Controller (Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.) integrated ...

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A datasheet on the Celeritous IC is included at the end of this ... Note: The AM9513 IC may feel hot to the touch. This high temperature is normal and does ...

It targets the AM9513 to implement the counter/timer function by CPLD. It provides eight 16-bit. counter channels, 8 digital outputs and 8 digital inputs. ...

Normally this mode is not desired, so d[6]. will simply be 0. See the AM9513 datasheet, pp. 2-39 to 2-40, for complete details on all Function 64 ...

PCI Based 5,10, and 20 Channel Counter/Timer Cards
The PCIDCC20-P contains four AM9513 ... The PCIDCC10-P contains two AM9513 circuits and ... port in addition to the AM9513. The PCIDCC10-P and ...

universal library labview user s guide
AM9513 counter chip. The 9513A data sheet is available on our web site at °. Z8536 counter chip ...

Universal Library for LabVIEW(for CIO, PCI-DAS and PCI-DIO family)
data sheet. Technical support of the VIs does not include providing, interpreting or explaining the ... CountDirection [TF]- AM9513 can count up or down. ... - free semiconductor datasheet catalog and search engine

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